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Nina Elmersson, Ekman & Co AB | Dio Kurazawa, the Bear Scouts | Sara Mariani, OTB Group | Christine Goulay, Pangaia Science | Shahriare Mahmood, Spinnova | Romain Brabo, LVMH Nona Source | Komal Singh, Polestar | Shameek Ghosh, TrusTrace | Caroline Ledl, Lenzing |  Danièle Clutier, Institut Français de la Mode | Anna Palmberg, IKEA of Sweden AB | Alice Shulman, Weekday | Marion Henry, Balzac Paris | Johannes Bogren, Södra Skogsägarna | Ricardo Strauszer Zemelman, Arauco | Bernhard Riegler, SAPPI | Simone Seisl, Textile Exchange  Klaas Nuttbohm, ZDHC | Marina Crnoja-Cosic, Kelheim Fibres | Claudia de Witte, Eastman | Muchaneta Kapfunde, FashNerd | Jenny Fredricsdotter, Renewcell | Angeline Elfström, Södra OnceMore® | Kirsi Terho, Infinited Fiber

2022 - Challenge the Fabric Paris

For its second edition, CTF 2022 gathered industry professionals from different parts of the value chain to engage in meaningful panel discussions regarding topics on how to collectively drive the development of MMCF forward. The panel discussions deep-dived into the themes of cross-industry collaboration, challenges, and opportunities with MMCF from a brand and producer perspective. The event offered a place for actors within the entire value chain to meet and open the dialogue about MMCF and the fantastic moderators and panelists of the day included. The CTF mingle and symposium increased the possibility to connect, network, listen to initiated speakers while also taking part in driving the transformation of the textile- and fashion industry forward and gain knowledge. The second edition of CTF also strengthened the initiative’s position on the global market featuring participants from the OTB Group, IKEA of Sweden, Renewcell, Lenzing, Spinnova and many more of the different industry’s most important players.

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Challenge the Fabric 2024 will take place on May 14 – 15, in Milan

Cancellation/no show policy
If you have registered for the Symposium on May 15th but are no longer able to attend, we kindly ask you to notify us no later than 14 days prior to the event. Please notify us via email at ctf@ekmangroup.com

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Tuesday 9th May

18:00 - 20:00

Welcome Mingle

Wednesday 10th May




Introduction and welcome


The opportunity of Green Textiles

Keynote speaker

Jonatan Janmark | Partner, McKinsey & Co


Sustainable Forestry

Keynote speaker

Valerie Langer | Fibre Solutions Strategist, Canopy


Forest to fabrics; the importance of sustainable forest practices

This panel discusses the importance of sustainable forest management. Topics
that will be discussed are centered around how sustainable forestry
management is defined, how farmers work with their forests to ensure and
protect the biodiversity, regeneration capacity and reforestation. The panel will
also discuss what sustainable forest management mean for different regions of
the world as well as how it influences sourcing strategies and the demands on
raw material suppliers.

Keynote speaker

Diana Tuomasjukka | Head of the Bioeconomy Programme, European Forest Institute





Oliver Lansdell | Director, Pulp and Paper, Hawkins Wright


Johannes Bogren | Vice President, Södra Cell Bioproducts

Anna Palmberg | Material & Innovation Developer, IKEA of Sweden

Surya Valluri | Chief Sustainability Officer, Birla Cellulose

Sofia Jorge I Board Member, Sustainability, Risk, Communication, People & Talent, Altri SGPS


Legislation, Policy, and Traceability

Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in legislation related to sustainability in textiles. For example, the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles will require the use of more sustainable and recycled materials as well as identification through the Digital Project Passport (DPP). Organizations such as the Textile Exchange are supporting the industry by developing standards to classify preferred materials. Also new startups are focusing on helping brands achieve visibility on their supply chains. How can fashion brands and suppliers alike navigate this new landscape? What role can stakeholders like innovators, NGO’s and industry organizations play? What is required to educate and disseminate knowledge on legislation, policy, and traceability? This panel will explore these important topics.


Christine Goulay | Founder, Sustainabelle

12:05 – Panel

Amit Gautam | CEO & Co-founder, Textile Genesis

Sara Mariani | Chief Sustainability Officer, OTB

Claudia De Witte | Sustainability Leader, Textiles, Eastman




Committing to the future of Next Generation Solutions

This panel discusses the collective commitment at COP27 by brands such as Kering, H&M, Inditex to purchase over half a million tonnes of fibres stemming from Next Generation Solutions. The panel will address what this commitment means for the innovators in terms of the need for scaling, investments and partnerships and the potential challenges of reaching the scale needed.

Keynote speaker

Dolly Vellanki | Innovation Associate, Fashion for Good


Brooke Roberts-Islam | Founder, Techstyler; Senior Contributor, Forbes.

14:30 – Panel

Jenny Fredricsdotter | Circular Business Manager, Re:newcell

Erik Karlsson | VC/Impact Investor, H&M CO: Lab

Julia Viner | Investment Associate, Fashion, Closed Loop Partners

Peter Majeranowski | CEO & Co-Founder, Circ




Shaping the path forward

This panel will focus on how we can shape the path towards fashion’s sustainable future and highlight the possibilities within the MMCF field. It will discuss the importance of cross industry collaborations and how we can create long lasting change by engaging different stake holders from different industries. What can we learn from the development of other fibre categories or other industries? What will be critical to continue to grow in an innovative and sustainable way?

Keynote speaker

Andrea Rosso | Sustainability Ambassador, Diesel


Bella Webb | Sustainability Editor, Vogue Business

16:00 – Panel

Amanda Parkes | Chief Innovation Officer, Pangaia

Dr. Shahriare Mahmood | Chief Sustainability Officer, Spinnova

Christina Iskov | Head of Innovation & Academy, Global Fashion Agenda

Malva Carlsson


Conclusion | Nina Elmersson – VP Innovare, Ekman