The Advisory Board consists of key-industry experts and stakeholders, who will help strengthen CTF’s position as a pioneering cross-industry platform.

The members of the prestigious Advisory Board cover areas of expertise such as the textile, fashion, and forest industries.

Anna Palmberg hold a MSc in Textiles from 2000. From 2000 she started working with Textile innovations and developments in various positions in the Swedish Textile industry. From 2004 and onwards Anna have worked with developments of Textiles for IKEA in various positions. Currently leading the Cellulose and Renewable Fiber Innovation agenda for Textile Furnishings at IKEA of Sweden.

IKEA of Sweden is responsible for determining and developing the IKEA range and making it available to stores and customers all over the world. IKEA of Sweden AB is based in Älmhult, Sweden, the heart of IKEA and the centre of IKEA range development and supply chain.

Christine has over 20 years of professional experience at the intersection of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation, with a specialization in fashion.
She recently launched Sustainabelle Advisory Services focusing on innovation as the key to driving positive environmental and social impact. Previously, Christine was the Global Director of PANGAIA SCIENCE, the B2B arm of PANGAIA. Additionally, Christine was Head of Sustainable Innovation at Kering where she worked to fast-track circular and impact-driven innovations across the group. She also spent several years at INSEAD in the Centre for Entrepreneurship, where she focused on business model innovation for double and triple bottom line companies. Before that, she launched the B2B business, Edun Live, part of the ethical fashion brand, Edun Apparel, founded by Ali Hewson and Bono. She also practiced as a corporate lawyer specializing in venture capital and private equity law. Christine attended Harvard University, holds a law degree from Boston College Law School and has an MBA from INSEAD. She recently completed an executive education course through The Wharton School on Corporate Governance: Maximizing Effectiveness in the Boardroom.

Contact Information:

+33 6 19 81 13 41

Dio Kurazawa is at the forefront of the war against waste in the fashion industry and is on a mission to minimize excess stock and implement sustainable practices within all areas of clothing production. Co-founder of The Bear Scouts®, an agency designed to help brands implement sustainable practices, Dio spends an incredible amount of his time researching and developing new processes and his eye for innovation is like no other. He is extremely passionate and, having worked in the fashion industry all his life, has devoted his time to advocating and implementing a responsible production line. In addition to his work at The Bear Scouts, Dio is an advisor for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, The Copenhagen Fashion Week, Sustainable Board Member at Ganni A/S and Board Member at Fashion Open Studio.

Present Responsibility: Dissolving Pulp Sales Director
Celulosa Arauco y Constitucion SA

Erik Frisk is presently responsible for the worldwide sales of Dissolving pulp. Involved in the conversion of the Valdivia mill from paper grade to Dissolving pulp since the beginning.

Worked in Arauco since 1994 in different divisions of the company. 10 years in Holland in charge of sales of wood pulp for the European market. 7 years as Pulp Commercial development director in Chile. Presently responsible for the worldwide sales of Dissolving pulp.

Nick joined Textile Exchange in 2022 as the Fiber and Materials Strategy Lead for Manmade Cellulosic Fibers. Prior to this, Nick worked in the nonprofit sector promoting sustainable forest management and collaborative governance structures in the field of natural resources. Nick also brings educational and professional experience with wood science and alternative uses for other renewable materials.

Sara is a sustainability expert with an international background, focused on building meaningful business cases for corporate sustainability.

Sara applies her business and leadership experience from her 18-year career in corporate, university and non-profit organizations to engage the business community in capturing opportunities and proactively avoiding risks by using smart environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

For the last 9 years Sara has worked in the fashion and luxury sector, as a consultant for many Italian and international fashion and cosmetics Brands and has served as Social and Environmental Responsibility Director at Christian Dior Couture before joining the OTB Group as Chief Sustainability Officer.

Sara believes that a holistic approach to sustainability is the key of success, that sustainability can bring about real change, foster innovation and inspire commitment in any organization. There is no small progress: every little effort, every little achievement is the foundation for great and lasting results.

As a sustainability consultant for the textile industry, Simone Seisl offering customer focus and passion for product, paired with marketing, supply chain and ESG expertise of 25+ years.

As a strategic partner Simone deliver innovative, customized solutions for strategy, material and circular business models. The overall aim is to achieve transformational change in our sector where a company´s success contributes to a climate friendly future and social justice. Responsibly sourced and recycled MMCF can be part of the solution.

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Introduction and welcome


Global Outlook


Sustainable Forestry


Forest to fabrics; the importance of sustainable forest practices

This panel discusses the importance of sustainable forest management. Topics
that will be discussed are centered around how sustainable forestry
management is defined, how farmers work with their forests to ensure and
protect the biodiversity, regeneration capacity and reforestation. The panel will
also discuss what sustainable forest management mean for different regions of
the world as well as how it influences sourcing strategies and the demands on
raw material suppliers.




Legislation, Policy, and Traceability

Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in legislation related to sustainability in textiles. For example, the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles will require the use of more sustainable and recycled materials as well as identification through the Digital Project Passport (DPP). Organizations such as the Textile Exchange are supporting the industry by developing standards to classify preferred materials. Also new startups are focusing on helping brands achieve visibility on their supply chains. How can fashion brands and suppliers alike navigate this new landscape? What role can stakeholders like innovators, NGO’s and industry organizations play? What is required to educate and disseminate knowledge on legislation, policy, and traceability? This panel will explore these important topics.




Committing to the future of Next Generation Solutions

This panel discusses the collective commitment at COP27 by brands such as Kering, H&M, Inditex to purchase over half a million tonnes of fibres stemming from Next Generation Solutions. The panel will address what this commitment means for the innovators in terms of the need for scaling, investments and partnerships and the potential challenges of reaching the scale needed.




Shaping the path forward

This panel will focus on how we can shape the path towards fashion’s sustainable future and highlight the possibilities within the MMCF field. It will discuss the importance of cross industry collaborations and how we can create long lasting change by engaging different stake holders from different industries. What can we learn from the development of other fibre categories or other industries? What will be critical to continue to grow in an innovative
and sustainable way?


Conclusion – Nina Elmersson – VP Innovare, Ekman


Challenge the Fabric 2023 will take place on May 9 – 10, in Milan

Cancellation/no show policy
If you have registered for the event but are no longer able to attend, we ask you to kindly notify us at the latest 14 days prior to the event. Please notify us via email at A cancellation fee of EUR 300 will be applied to registered attendees in case of no-show.